Audible Devices

Audible Devices

Audible Devices

Reversing Alarms

  • Unique multi-frequency white sound.
  • Continuously self-adjusts to 5-10dB above ambient sound pressure levels.
  • Eliminates noise nuisance complaints.
  • Sound confined to the danger zone.
  • Instantly locatable sound.
  • Environmentally sealed - IP68.
  • Epoxy filled for maximum vibration resistance.
  • Can be steam & pressure cleaned.
  • Multi-voltage.


Disc horns, Scroll horns and constant tone speaker horns

Warning Buzzers

Warning buzzers available online including Piezo, Mechanical, Continuous and Pulsed


Siren amplifiers, siren speakers and siren remote heads


Intercom systems that are voice activated and weatherproof IP67 with solid state spark free electronics

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